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March 28, 2012

Honors Cultural Memory: Day 5

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Written by: Renee R.
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  • As our last outing together, we walked to Fenway Park. We had an enthusiastic, long-time fan for a guide. It was a beautiful sunny day to wear short sleeves and walk the streets of Newberry. Some of the girls stayed behind the group to go to some boutiques while the others continued to lunch and to catch their planes.
  • All in all, I was a little wary of giving up the beach to spend part of spring break in the city, but I would make the choice over again for sure. All 9 of us bonded and laughed so much this trip and I was surprised that I felt confident to get around on my own by the third day. We ate at a variety of great restaurants and walked around the city so much… I hope that helped burn off the countless desserts we shared throughout our trip.
  • So I didn’t end up having to miss out on the beach after all; we finished in time for me to fly to Florida for 4 days! This trip to Boston has been very memorable and I am glad that I took the time to discover various part of America’s history and develop a close relationship with my classmates.

Im sad to say I left Boston without ever having tried Boston Baked Beans! But… I did manage to get lobster for lunch one day… so I think I’ll live.