Hometown: Marietta, GA.

Major: Art History/ Double minor in Business and Italian.

What I want to do with my major: Oh the question of the year for all seniors!  As of now, I want to pursue a master degree in either higher education or international studies, but who knows what next semester will bring.  I love to travel, so anything involving lots of people and sights.

Campus involvement: Chi Omega Panhellenic Delegate, Frog Camp Director, Honors Cabinet.

Why I chose TCU: I originally came to TCU to play soccer, but had to stop after a major injury.  I know right about now you are probably frowning and have a concerned look on your face, but no worries! Not playing soccer was actually a wonderful blessing in disguise, since it allowed me to get involved in other activities.

Why I’m glad I joined the JVR:  One word: Ohana.  For those of you who have not seen Lilo & Stitch (am I dating myself?), “ohana means family, and family means no one gets left behind.”  Like any older brother, JVR always has your back…no matter how many mid-college crises you decide to throw at it.  It’ll just pat you on the back and present you with another life-changing opportunity.

Favorite Honors class: Dr. Bohn’s Caravaggio graduate class.  We met every Tuesday at the Kimbell Art Museum and discussed the different works by Caravaggio and his followers.  I really enjoyed discussing topics with graduate students and docents, plus it was incredible to see these famous works in person!

Favorite place on TCU’s Campus: The nook in Student Development Services.  Perfect for working, playing magnetic darts, dancing to “Walking in Memphis” by Lonestar, and conversing with its friendly neighborhood ghost.

Favorite JVR memory: Oh man this is a difficult one, but I am going to have to go with the time two other students and I explored every Roman church on the map.  Literally, the three of us took out a map, circled every church and landmark that we saw, and spent the whole day walking around Rome in search of these sights.

Coolest TCU or JVR experience: This past summer I facilitated Frog Camp Alpine in Taylor Park, Colorado.  I was out in the relative wilderness (no bathrooms or showers) for ten days with other facilitators, faculty/staff, and an incredible group of incoming TCU students.  The white water rafting, high and low element ropes course, rock climbing, and hiking provided a necessary change of scenery before I began my senior year.  I came back refreshed and ready for this last year!

Favorite TV show and why:  I am on a big How I Met Your Mother kick right now.  I start giggling just thinking about it.

Three unusual things about myself:

1.  I love to sing and will often break out in song during everyday activities.

2. I have travelled to four out of the seven continents, but plan on visiting the three others within the next ten years.

3.  I get happy when it rains.