Hometown: Coppell, TX

Major: Communication Studies

Minor: Spanish

What I want to do with my major: Still working out the details…

Campus involvement: Honors Ambassador, Frog Camp Facilitator

Why I chose TCU: I initially refused to even look at TCU because it was only 35 minutes from my house, but when I visited I fell in love with the campus and the people, and the rest is history.

Why I’m glad I joined the JVR: Small discussion-based classes and excellent professors have made my college experience feel like a blend of Miss Honey’s classroom in Matilda and John Keating’s in Dead Poets Society.

Favorite Honors class: “On Human Nature.” In what other class could I debate cannibalism and gang life?

Favorite place on TCU’s Campus: The benches between Scharbauer Hall and Reed Hall—Great reading spot in the middle of campus!

Favorite JVR memory: Attending the McDorman Awards Dinner when I finished my lower division Honors credits

Coolest TCU or JVR experience: Going to see Amy-Jill Levine, a Jewish woman and New Testament scholar. It was fascinating to hear her perspective on the Bible and on Jewish-Christian relations.

Favorite TV show and why: LOST. If you have to ask “why”, you haven’t seen it. And you should. Immediately!

Three unusual things about myself:

  1. When I was younger, I was in a musical math education video for kids. We sang about right angles and fractions…
  2. I don’t heat up my leftovers.
  3. I have a pair of Mary Jane crocs that I wear religiously and without shame.