Hometown: Lake in the Hills, IL. Basically Chicago!

Major: Business Finance, Political Science with a minor in Economics

What I want to do with my major: Intern in Washington DC, at the CATO Institute, then come back to Texas and work for Lockheed Martin or another well- known company. I eventually would like to work for the state government.

Campus involvement: Honors Cabinet, Chancellor’s Leadership Program, Leadership for Life, Reformed University Fellowship (RUF), Hall Council, Meals on Wheels

Why I chose TCU: Three words: Opportunity, opportunity, opportunity! TCU has already opened so many doors for me and continues to offer many ways for me to get involved on campus, and off. I was initially amazed by the many ways to get plugged in with future employers, through clubs and schools that allow you to seek internships and also equip you with networking and social skills. And the quality of education and recognition of schools, like Neeley, were very attractive to me. It also seemed like a fun, warm (both literally and figuratively!), and welcoming school- and that has certainly been the case.

Why I’m glad I joined the JVR: The community amongst the Honors College is like none other, especially within Milton Daniel. I’ve made and met so many awesome friends!

Favorite Honors class: Intro. to Political Theory, with Dr. Dodson. This professor is seriously the best teacher I’ve ever had! This class has taught me so much!

Favorite place on TCU’s Campus: I’d have to say Milton Daniel! It’s so welcoming, beautiful and there are so many different places to hang out or do homework, from the dorm rooms, to the basement, to the lounges and study pods.

Favorite JVR memory: So far, it has been the Roger Williams event. I’m a sucker for political science so I really enjoyed hearing this TCU alumnus speak about his experiences at and after TCU.

Coolest TCU or JVR experience: Going to Cowboy’s Stadium for the BYU game. That place is huge!

Favorite TV show and why: Pretty Little Liars. I’m a sucker for a good, girly drama series!

Three unusual things about myself:

1. Fast, expensive cars are a big weakness of mine.

2. I am a Libertarian; I just discovered this political party this year, and think this is the way in which our country needs to head.

3. I shot a rifle for the first time this year, and I thoroughly enjoyed the experience!