Hometown: Arlington, TX

Double Major: Biology and Psychology

Minor: Chemistry

What I want to do with my major: Do a dual DDS/PhD program and hopefully specialize in orthodontics.  

Campus involvement: Honors Ambassadors, College of Science Student Advisory Board, Alpha Epsilon Delta, Pre-Dental club VP, SAICA, International Student Association

Why I chose TCU: I wanted somewhere that was close to home, but also had a great reputation. TCU had the exact “small classroom” feel that I was wanting and I have been thankful I made the right choice ever since

Why I’m glad I joined the JVR: Being in the Honors College is probably one of the smartest choices I’ve made. The honors college provides so many opportunities to grow and expand your horizons that I otherwise would have missed out on. My honors classes are probably my favorite classes of all time because they allowed me to critically evaluate different things as well as give me the chance to get to know people outside of my major. I was also really lucky to be able to stay in the newly renovated Milton Daniel!

Favorite Honors class: Freshman Seminar in Political Science with Dr. Riddlesperger. Most honors classes are intentionally kept small so that there is greater student-student and student-teacher interaction. I loved this class so much because the whole class was always interacting and debating with each other over different political decisions. Our class became so tight knit that even three years later, we all get together at least once a semester with Dr. Riddlesperger and catch up over pizza.

Favorite place on TCU’s Campus: The best place on campus is probably the Honors Living Room. The honors college has a specially designated room just for honors students to come and study. It is a million times better than the library because only honors students are ever there (meaning it’s usually quieter and easier to study) and it is more homey. There are couches and tables and other things in there to make the room extremely comfortable. I sometime wish I could just sleep there (not to say I haven’t before!)

Favorite JVR memory: By far my favorite JVR moment was when we took a class trip to Oklahoma City to visit the bombing site. Another amazing honors class, Cultural Memory, deals with viewing different events in our history and how they’ve shaped our culture’s memory. One of the topics was the OKC Bombing. The Honors College allowed the entire class to take a day trip to tour the memorial and experience the history that was made there firsthand.

Coolest TCU or JVR experience: Last year (2011), Texas experienced the weirdest yet most amazing “blizzard” ever! We had a total of 5 days off in which everyone was less than productive. My roommates and I hunted down a few trash can lids and sledded down the Commons, jumped into the icy frog fountain, and did a few other crazy things in the snow.

Favorite TV show and why: The best show to ever be made is Modern Family. I sometimes have to watch it alone because it makes me laugh so hard and I’ve been told I laugh like a seal! Haha

Three unusual things about myself:

1)    I can dislocated and then relocate my shoulder

2)    I paint my nails obsessively – you’ll probably never see them the same within a 3 day span

3)    I’m 21 and I’m not ashamed to say I love Pillow Pets.