Hometown: Richardson, Texas

Major: Strategic Communication; Minor: Business

What I want to do with my major: Work at an advertising agency/department. But let’s be honest, my dream job is anything at Disney, Pixar, or Google. (They have the coolest offices ever.)

Campus involvement: Tom Brown/Pete Wright Resident Assistant, Honors College Cabinet, Student Foundation, Frog Aides Leadership Team, Ad Association, Public Relations Student Society of America

Why I chose TCU: Have you stepped on TCU’s campus? It’s like a magnetic field of awesomeness pulling you in until you want to be a horned frog. From the instant I stepped on campus, everything just felt right. The people were so friendly and wonderfully united as horned frogs. The school was not too big, not too small, not too small town, and not too urban. I just can’t say enough about TCU, and now all my friends from back home laugh at my purple obsession.

Why I’m glad I joined the JVR: Really I think the people are the best part of JVR. Not only are the teachers the best and brightest on campus, but also you’re your fellow Honors peers live similar lifestyles as you. Everyone works hard and plays hard. My Honors friends are my roommates, my lunch-mates, my classmates, and my best friends on campus.

Favorite Honors class: U.S. Cultural Memory is my favorite Honors class thus far. The discussions we had in that class truly changed the way I think about preserving history. It’s one of those classes where you are still discussing the concepts outside of the classrooms today. It’s one of those classes that I tell all my friends from home about because it’s just that fascinating. It’s one of those classes that make me want to think not because I have to but because I want to. I give Cultural Memory two thumbs up!

Favorite place on TCU’s Campus: I think my favorite place might be my freshman room, Clark 307. My freshman roommate and clicked so well and we had many gorgeous memories in 307. Oh yeah, and we had a 307 hand sign and 307 cups… basically we branded our room. Good times.

Favorite JVR memory: Pretty much any day in a Pitcock class is one for the memory books. But in particular there was one day Cultural Memory went to the Sixth Floor Museum in Dallas (my hometown). After I took some friends to my house and we read our book for the week down the street at the park. ‘Twas a Dallas day of fun!

Coolest TCU or JVR experience: Oh there are just too many to name! I guess I would have to say the Utah game freshman year. College game day came which created so much excitement on campus. Got to rep’ that horned frog spirit. GO FROGS! Always.

Favorite TV show and why: Do I have to pick one? I’ll name them all: The Office, Friday Night Lights, House, Community, Friends, Gilmore Girls, Boy Meets World, Mad Men, The Cosby Show, 30 Rock. Why do I like these in particular? They’re filled with rich characters, gorgeous cinematography, and witty quotes that I can recite at any moment in time.

Three unusual things about myself:

  1. My goal is to learn to play the ukulele. So far it’s failing, but it would be pretty flippin’ sweet.
  2. I lived in Spain as a child. (Don’t get too excited… I was two years old and don’t remember a thing.)
  3. I know the guy who wrote “Grandma Got Run Over by a Reindeer.” Yeah, I’ve got the connections.