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Just Call Froggy

The beginning of the school year is like no other time in the world.  Maybe not everyone at TCU experiences this nerd phenomenon of being elated for the start of school, but I know it happens here more often than not.  Even m...
by Maddie R


The Comforts of Home

How nice it is to be back in my second home after spending a month away.  However, after being back in the Fort for just a couple of hours, I felt like I never left.  The comforts of the great Milton Daniel have not failed to...
by Maddie R

The Backyard

Milton, the Real Hilton

When you’re a college student, you spend a lot of time out and about on and off the TCU campus, whether it’s to go to class, to get a meal, or to have fun during your free time. However, especially as a freshman living in M...
by Jared C


Kari family

My TCU Family

First, I want to apologize that my blog posting has been non-existent this semester. Your last couple months your senior year are chaotic and absolutely fly by. I have been running around doing group projects, working at my int...
by Kari B

messy dorm room

Home is . . .

Going into Winter Break (I prefer Christmas Break, but political correctness and what not) I was not sure what to think. I’ve always been a pretty independent person, and being from Florida, the combination of expenses and a ...
by Jimmy S