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Shameless Plug

As all freshmen know, in the beginning of the school year, people always ask, “Who is your roommate?”. For some, this can be a sore subject filled with awkward pauses and explanations. These freshmen avoid this ques...
by Nicole P

The girl on the far left is from Colorado, the girl on the far right is from San Diego.., I wan't joking.

Great (un)Expectations

Of course when you’re in high school and you dream about how great life is going to be when you’re out of the house, on your own and in college, you dream up some big expectations. For example, some of mine were getting a 4...
by Madelyn C.

TCU versus SMU

Things You Learn from Being at TCU

Friends Become Family It’s only been a month and a half and I have had some major milestone moments with my friends. We’ve been to formals (shout out to my two-time date Ethan), we have shared many meals (Sunday night Pei W...
by Hannah Stein


New friends at the TCU/ LSU game! Go Frogs!

A Place to Call Home

I was the girl who was ready for college to start in the ninth grade. Don’t get me wrong I love my family, friends, dog, and even my high school but there was always something in me sort of ready for the next step. Up until a...
by Hannah Stein

TCU Campus Commons

Tips for Incoming Freshmen

1. Get used to eating sandwiches wrapped in plastic. They are everywhere. 2. For Girls: Buy ten more pairs of leggings. For Boys: Buy ten more pairs of khaki shorts. 3. Lose the idea that showering is necessary. It’s not, and...
by Hannah T