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White Christmas Reflections

TCU really has one of the prettiest campuses I’ve ever seen, and it was even more so today when it was blanketed in snow. As a Fort Worth native, my home for the holidays is a quick 10 minute drive from campus, and I can trul...
by Jared C


Songs to Soothe the Stressed Studier

All around campus the signs of the coming holiday season are beginning to pop up, from the 42-foot Christmas tree that was lifted into the Commons by a crane the week before Thanksgiving, to the Christmas music on the radio sta...
by Jared C

German Christmas

A German Holiday

24 December 2011 :: Happy Holidays!  I cannot believe it is Winter Break already!  It is so cliché, but this semester really did fly by.  At the time, some days drug on.  But then looking back, those long days blended toge...
by Emily M.


Christmas Card

Homemade Christmas Cards

December 9, 2011 :: It’s Christmas time at TCU! My roommate and I decided to make our own Christmas Cards this year. We took this photo when a longhorn was brought to the Campus Commons. I think my family back in Arizona is g...
by Renee R.

at memorial

The Best Things in Life are Free

December 8, 2011 :: I have a challenge for all you holiday shoppers out there: get creative.  I know the general rule of thumb is the higher the price the better the gift, but how much joy do these material items really bring?...
by Hannah K.