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Nursing Students

The Nursing Experience

There are very few of us. Many call us crazy and ask why we would do this to ourselves. We are both nursing majors and members of the Honors College. Nursing alone is an extremely difficult major, and rightly so. We will have p...
by Hannah T


From a Tadpole to a Frog

Well folks we did it. We survived the first semester. From living away from home for the first time to going back home for the holidays, it has been a whirlwind of a journey.   Finals week was everything that everyone crac...
by Kelsey R


Grade A Professors

When I give tours to prospective students, I never forget to tell the group to get to know their professors wherever they end up going. From there, I launch into my spiel about TCU’s student-faculty ratio and how each pro...
by Hannah T


Amon G Carter

TCU vs. UT

Being from Dallas, I had many friends attend the University of Texas. Despite its over 50,000 students, many refer to it as 13th grade, due to the masses that migrate down to Austin for four years. I was so excited when I fir...
by Hannah T


The C in TCU

I have always heard that college is a time of self-growth. You know, the chance to answer the whole “Who am I?” question. The first time being on your own, the first time with no parental supervision, the first time to make...
by Kelsey R